Thursday, February 22, 2018

Everyone I Want You To Meet Another Some-bunny Special

Radio silence, again, I am sorry but it's for a very good reason...
one of the best reasons ever...
I've been settling in another rescue baby...yep, that's right, a week after Higgins came home,
we went back to the shelter to adopt this lovely lady...
Everyone I want you meet our newest rescue the beautiful
Betty-Loo White

Things are not easy lately...
we aren't complaining at all, we knew most of what we were getting into.
But I take my job of settling in shelter rescues seriously, we both do and Higgins
& Betty-Loo come to us both as special needs adoptions, so that usually means more work
and with Betty-Loo there's been some unexpected trouble so we're concentrating on her 200%.
I'll blog more about both new babies soon, just bear with me as we all settle into a new routine etc
but can I just say before I beautiful is this girl and those eyes....I am swooning!

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